Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More than words!


Did you know 
God doesn't 
expect you to pray the same way 
everyone else does?

God may intend for prayer to be an easy, natural way of staying in touch with Him - like having a conversation with a very close friend. But not so many people see prayer as being that simple. In fact, many have difficulty maintaining a strong, consistent prayer life because they're stuck believing what others may have told them. Thus, people feel guilty, condemned, bored and frustrated.

"God's mad at you. He's not answering your 
prayers right now."

"You shouldn't pray for that because there are a lot 
of people who have bigger problems than yours."

"You never pray long or hard enough for it to 
really make a difference."

"You don't even know how to talk to God - your 
prayers are useless."

The fact is, every time we pray in faith, God answers. He wants our prayer life to be fulfilling and exciting and full of hopeful expectation. One can have great freedom and creativity in his/her prayer life - but it's necessary to stay focused on God and His promises, not lies of "others".

the first Step to 
amazing Prayer

The most important key to effective prayer is approaching God as His friend. If we don't know Him as a friend and we're not confident of His affection for us, we will be reluctant to tell Him what we need or ask Him for anything.

On the other hand, when we go boldly before God, believing that He uses us as a friend, our prayers become more honest and effective. Talk to Him in the grocery store, while you're driving your car, combing your hair, walking the dog, or cooking dinner. The idea is to let God out of your Sunday-morning box so He can become a bigger part of your life.

it's important 
to Be Yourself

Do you know God doesn't expect you to pray the same way everyone else does?! God is far too creative to teach every person to interact with Him in the same way. He designed us all differently and delights in our uniqueness. We can approach God just the way we are - with our very own personality and style. God knows your weaknesses and he knows you make mistakes - and He doesn't expect you to be anything different than what you are. 

Just start talking to God - 
about everything.

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