Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let go... ➧

There are moments in life when we were hurt, when people said stupid words to us, looked at us in some silly ways... It happens!! Everywhere!! But keeping all these in your heart and more (!!) building a statue for them, and watching and over watching them till you feel that you want to die again, will bring you nowhere. Each moment that was passed at least thinking about these is a killed moment from your precious future, a future that obvious can be designed differently: in much brighter colors, better people around, dreams that make you feel better only thinking about them (but can you imagine your feeling if living them?!).

Time is not only money; it's your heart there too, a treas·ur·a·ble heart. Don't kill it now by pushing it to live in memories that suffocate it. If your past hurts you so much, just let it go... "None of us can be in the present and in the past at the same time, not even when we try to understand the things that happen to us. Close the door, change the record, clean the house. Stop being who you were, become who you are now." (Paulo Coelho)

In a river you will always find the water flowing... Let it go! It will not disappear from your memory, but the power of those hurting actions or words that someone did or said to you will go away... The less you will think about it, the more time you will have for your waiting future! Design it!

P.S.: I hope you like this post! It's exactly what I'm passing through now!:-) Have a cool Saturday!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Different ✗

I'm not sure whether this is a donkey or a horse, but the fluffy hair style definitely rocks!:-) Some hair gel and some wind in it and it gives you the "perfect hair day" mood for the next 12 hours!:-) You don't need to be a "horse" or a "donkey" to be happy, it's enough to be you and to keep on discovering yourself! And yes, while discovering, you can become very sad after seeing that what were or are you doing it's not what you have really wanted or intended to... It requires time and patience (a lot of patience!) and determination!

Don't try to delete yourself! Do not exterminate yourself! You have the right to be you and to follow your dreams and not those that some people may want for you! One person that became very successful, once said: "To find your path, trust God and go ahead without asking too many questions. Mistakes happen, but you are protected. You don't believe in God?! Don't worry, God believes in you." I think this is the hardest thing: to go ahead without asking too many questions! It doesn't mean we shouldn't be attentive, but it also doesn't mean that we should end the road! But once you have started, it'll be easier to move on. Break that fear that keeps you in "unseen" chains and be free!

P.S.: YES! I am back!:-) At least somehow! Thanks to all those people who have been sending me sweet messages, it meant and means a lot! Sincerely!!

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